Friday, March 09, 2012

The Friday Zone

We went to a nearby college town recently for filming of a kid’s show at a local PBS station.  The younger two participated in the craft portion for three different shows.  This week’s show features them making a tooth fairy mouse.   We all had fun and it was neat to see how many people are involved in the filming of such a show.   We’ve been invited back for another filming but I have not decided if we will do it.  It is during our spring break week and I was hoping to not have to be anywhere that week so I can get some things done around here and relax. 



At the website, The Friday Zone, you can see the current week’s video in addition to some pictures from the filming.  You can also view previous videos.   The kids were also in the video Space Cadets and will be in an upcoming show this month. 

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Jan said...

How VERY cool! Let's hear it for the teacher who planned this trip!