Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What We've Been Up To

I cannot believe how fast the summer is flying by.  

If you thought I'd never let Sean have scissors again... well, I just redirected him to cut grass, not hair. 

2008 Summer006 2008 Summer005

About a month ago, Sierra had a visitor.  Mrs. J. will be her preschool teacher this fall.  She was Sean's teacher two years ago and Callie's teacher...  nine years ago I think.  Mrs. J. has been on our mind recently because her home was flooded on 6/7 and they are not currently able to live there. 

2008 Summer001

Sierra loves her new floor.  She likes to pretend she is ice skating which looks more like dancing.  She also likes her new blue walls.  Will be a while before her room is finished.  We will get doors and baseboard back up, but since Sean will be sleeping in there while his floor is being replaced, we will wait to finish decorating until he can move back into his room.  I will post more pictures when her room is done.

2008 Summer011 2008 Summer024

Here's a project that Sean, Sierra and I have been working on.  A new garden.  We did plant some seed but not sure if it will come up.  It is certainly a late garden but we did not have access to a tiller.  I am so sore that I am almost wishing that I still did not have access to a tiller. 

2008 Summer030 2008 Summer033

I put a few squash plants out.  I'm hoping they'll do well since they got a headstart at the nursery. 

2008 Summer034 2008 Summer035

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