Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What's Up

The kids and I took a trip south for a few days to visit with family.  We got back yesterday and have been settling back in.  Sean's new floor is done and looks great (way to go, Daddy!) but most of his stuff is in Sierra's room.  I hope to get it moved and organized in the next couple of days. 

Bugs are trying to invade the green bean plants that have been untouched by this bunny rabbit.  They must have arrived when they learned that I was gone.  I sprayed them this evening which assured that we would get rain... we did.  I will try to re-spray tomorrow.  I did pull weeds.  It's amazing how fast those grow when you are not looking.


Ok, so my weeds weren't quite that big, but look at the potential! 

My main focus the next couple of weeks is preparing for school.  I have most of the materials....  it's the mental preparation that I am working on the most.  I want us to have a good year. 

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