Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mechanically inclined

Sometimes it comes in handy to have a brother who is mechanically inclined.   Kerry fixed the door on the van.  Turns out, as we suspected, it was just a pin missing after all.  Good news was the pin wasn't missing, it had just worked itself up so it wasn't working anymore. 

Now we are wondering if the dealer would have told us about the pin and fixed it, saving us $150 for the part, or if they would have pretended to replace the handle and charge us anyway.  I guess we'll never know and we're glad to not find out. 

A couple of prayer requests.  One is for Ephraim who is recovering from open-heart surgery.  He is Sierra's age and was in her bible study class and his mom was Sean's Bible study teacher.  Everything is going great but he has a slight fever which they are keeping an eye on. 

The next one is for Coleman.  This is a picture of Caden and Coleman.  They are twin 4-year olds.  Coleman has been battling cancer for a couple of years - medulloblastoma.  It is a brain cancer.  He underwent a stem cell transplant a few months ago but they have found that he now has several tumors on his spine.  He has maxxed on radiation and the strongest chemo was given for the stem cell transplant.   Please pray for these sweet boys and their parents and family.  If you want to read more about them, go to and visit carepage ColemanScott. 

CadenandColeman1 CadenandColeman2 TeamLarson

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