Wednesday, July 09, 2008

More stuff

We went to the fair today looking forward to the cold front that was supposed to happen before we went.  Well, it was a few hours delayed so we walked around in the heat and ducked into a couple air conditioned buildings a few times.

Sean gave his best at the tractor pull and got 4th place. 

2008Fair005 2008 Sean 064

Callie walked around with a bunch of kids and 4-Hers for Smoke Free Day and they would all drop on the ground to play dead to show what smoking does to people. 

Sean volunteered to be a rock star with Sparky the Dog.  It was a special show about fire safety.  Sierra said, "I think Sparky loves me!" 

2008Fair013 2008Fair010

Tennis anyone?  Sean is taking lessons.  He ended up in a 6-7 year old class but is doing fine.  We're glad it worked out that way because his lessons are an hour and he is learning a lot more than in the younger class which was only 30 minutes.  He absolutely loves the class.  I think he would go every day all summer if he could.  Of course, Jeff has tennis fever now since he has not played since pre-shoulder surgery days.  He is hoping to get out and play with his brother soon.

2008 Sean 039 2008 Sean 006

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