Sunday, July 20, 2008



We got some much needed rain today.  Unfortunately it came with a bit of wind.    

One limb from high in a tree broke off....   hit our new gutter leaving this dent.

2008 July Storm108

Then the wind lifted the limb even higher...   and it finally landed on top of the house like this....

2008 July Storm098

The limb came from the tree on the far left.... clipped the gutter and then ended up wrapped around the vent pipe.  Strong wind. 

2008 July Storm104

Our first clue was when I was looking out the front door during the storm and noticed these spread out on the front lawn... and in our neighbor's driveway.  Our second clue was when Callie came running down from her room claiming to have heard a noise like something popping. 

2008 July Storm093

Trying to be optimistic, I asked Jeff if those could be our neighbors shingles.  :)    He reminded me which direction the wind had been blowing.  If you look up at the first picture... you can see where these are missing from the left side ridge.  Just more evidence of how strong those winds really were.  We are blessed that it wasn't worse.  And, of course, what's a good storm without losing power?  We lost power for a few hours.  It came back on at 9:00pm just as I was putting Sean and Sierra to bed.  They were really concerned they were having to go to bed without their radios.  How could they possibly sleep without their radios???    So, right in the middle of bedtime prayers, praying for patience without electricity, praying for those who live without electricity, etc...   the lights came on!  Sierra said immediately, "Thank you God!"

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