Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Post Op

The procedures I had on Monday almost did not happen because my doctor was busy delivering a baby.  I prayed for a safe delivery while in the back of my mind, I was thinking about what I would order at the first restaurant we would pass on the way, and how I would manage to do all of this again.  But, as it worked out, my surgery went on as expected with only a short delay.   It then lasted approximately 1 hr 20 minutes. 

Many big words in my vocabulary recently.  Colonoscopy.  Urology.  Laparoscopy.  Hysteroscopy.  Dilation & Curettage (D & C).  Endometrial Ablation.   I have been iron-deficient and have had bad pains which led up to all of these appointments, procedures, etc. 

Colonoscopy and Urology checked out okay.  Laparoscopy was to go take a look and ended up being the diagnostic tool for Endometriosis which I had quite a bit of according to my husband who learned it from the doctor.  I will go to see the doctor next week and get the rest of the details.  Some of the endometriosis could not be removed due to location.  I am anxious to find out if it is something that a urologist can take care of. 

Anyway, now that we know the source of my episodes of excruciating pain, I hope there will be a plan of some kind. 

Not knowing whether the worse of my pain is from what he removed or is from what he left in or both makes me a little nervous. 

On the positive side of things, that was probably one of the easiest procedures to be put out for and to wake up after.  I did not have that groggy hangover feeling like I usually have for hours.  So, perhaps a different anesthesia or maybe a different pain med than I have had in the past.  The downside is that I am still wired and have not needed much sleep.  

I woke up in recovery coughing my head off.  I ended up wheezing quite a bit and have still had some today.  Hopefully that will continue to clear up.  I must have been irritated by the tube or drainage had been pushed down when they inserted the tube.  I have no idea but the nurses did not seem to be familiar with that, although one nurse was wise enough to bring me a Sprite because the bubbles can help and they did.  I did not request a carbonated drink because of the likelihood of having gas pains from the laparoscopy.  So far so good on that so they must have done a real good job de-inflating me.  I have also had some serious prayer warrior friends praying for each step and concern that I have had. 

This is the first time for me to be sitting in the computer chair.  Everyone took a trip to Target which leaves me with a very quiet and peaceful house.  I am heading back to bed though so I can stretch out which is less painful.  I cannot post to my blog from my Kindle so decided to sit down for a few and give an update. 

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