Monday, November 12, 2012

General Anesthetic in the Afternoon? Really?

I am having a couple of procedures today while under general anesthetic.   The worst part I think is that it is not until mid-afternoon.  It should be against the law to schedule people for general anesthetic after 12:00 p.m.  This means no food after midnight.  I can have clear liquids up until 7 hours prior to the procedure.  Trust me, I took full advantage of that and probably drank a gallon of coffee, broth, juice and water up until the last minute.  I am the type who carries a cup of water with me at all times and I drink it.   Speaking of drinking, I will make a plug for  Tervis Tumblers.  These tumblers come in all sizes and you can get matching lids.  They do not sweat with ice and you can also drink hot liquids in them.  They fit easily in your vehicle cup holders.  They come in many different designs.  They are great for helping you stay hydrated.  This is not a paid commercial advertisement. 

I have several things I want or need to do today but am hesitant as I do not want anything making me thirsty.  However, the time will pass more quickly if I keep busy.   And I am afraid I will forget and get a drink of water just out of habit.  It may be a long morning.  I have put my cups away so I will remember. 

I could check out Pinterest which could keep me busy for hours, but there are a lot of mouth-watering photos of delicious recipes that would probably make the day even longer. 

Blogging is a good option but I cannot think of much to blog about.

We will work on school when the kids get up and going, but hunger distracts me and makes me grumpy so it will definitely be a modified school day.  They will get to do some school on the computer and it is a good thing they both like to read because I have several books for them to work on and I saved coloring pages from last week’s history so they can work on those.   We have a GeoSafari which is a great tool for school.  They enjoy being quizzed on topics.  I have been blessed with several cards to go in the game with a variety of subjects. 

Well, my son is awake now and ready to do school.  Not.  Instead, he has been telling me what his Christmas list will be.  He is saving up for an iPod Touch so money is his list plus he wants two more things, he says.  I told him it will depend on what those two things are.  I shall be receiving this in writing any minute now. 

Time to get busy.  Tummy is rumbling.  Must stay focused. 

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