Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Abortion Thoughts

The negative campaigning for this election required some tough lessons be taught to our children. For example, what negative campaigning is and how important it is to research and know the truth rather than rely on commercials. But also, to teach what rape and abortion are. If you believe abortion is okay on any level, and if you have any children… be sure they know where babies come from… how an egg is fertilized and implanted inside the womb… and then tell them that abortion is removing that life. Then look at their faces. Kids get it. They understand how “choice” means they might not have been born. It’s only as we grow older and become selfish that anyone can convince themselves that abortion is ok. Seeing the reaction on my children’s faces once they realized what abortion means confirms for me that my beliefs will stand. There is not a single reason that would ever cause me to not have wanted any of my children to be born. I am so thankful that the birth mom of one of my children did not “choose” abortion. Her life is precious.

Watch this video. Their lives are precious too. They are the voice of those who have no choice.

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