Monday, April 19, 2010

Where is Washington?

This afternoon the two youngest were working on a neat “game” (as long as they call it a game, they’ll play it) where you put the states where they belong – see  Somehow, while they were working.. er, uh, playing,  an argument began with the older one. 

Sean the 1st grader is telling the 9th grader where Washington, D.C. is but she is adamant that he is wrong, it is in Washington state.  I tell her that he is right and she wants to know when did they move it (luckily she does have a sense of humor). 

Ok, I can see it now… I will be blamed for this.  She’s homeschooled.  Problem is, where was she when she was supposedly learning all this stuff like U.S. geography?   Right.  Public school.  Just how much other stuff did she either forget or just never learned from Kindergarten through 6th grade that we need to review.

The 1st grader (always homeschooled) knows where Washington D.C. is.

I rest my case. 

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