Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guinea Pig Farm

We got our two new guinea pigs today.  They all seem to be getting along so far at least during play time.  Jesse seems very happy.  She’s not usually very active but was running around trying to keep up with Gretchen.  The  new ones are much more active than the others have been.  Here’s a good shot of Jesse. 


At the top right is Gretchen.  We do not know how old she is.  At the bottom is the baby, approximately 4 months old.


We have a lot of white fur running around. 


Below is Jesse on the left with Gretchen our new guinea pig.  Gretchen is big and then there’s all that fur. 


The kids have named the baby “Pip”.  I think it’s appropriate considering she does the most squeaking.  Here she is being brushed by Sierra. 




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