Thursday, April 22, 2010

CROCS – what’s the Big Deal?

Got a good deal at the CROCS outlet today for Sierra.  She tried on several pair before we decide on which size and color… the $9.99 price tag helped.  I got her a little flower to go on them for learning her memory verse. 

So, we get home.. and a while later she brings me the crocs and is upset.  She says, “Some kid put these on there and I want them off.”  She was trying to pull the crocodile off .. the little piece that connects the ankle strap to the shoe.  

She decided the “crocs” on her CROCS were UGLY.  I spent 15 minutes trying to explain how lucky she is to have a new pair of “real” CROCS and why there are crocs on her CROCS.    Finally, with the help of the other two kids and daddy, she put the shoes back on and wore them until bedtime.  Phew!  Good thing because I let her wear them home. 


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