Monday, April 14, 2008

Quick Status

The story on what was wrong with Sierra from yesterday's post is that she got a little haircut over the weekend. Evidently, since they couldn't play outside over the weekend, Sean and Sierra decided to play barber and Sean took a little chunk from her hair. Neither said anything to me about it and we didn't know what had happened until Jeff discovered a lock of hair in the trash can. The thing most comforting in this experience is that he only made one cut and did not touch her long wavy hair in the back. It will grow back.. in a few months.

Sean went back to the doctor today. Dr. M added Singulair to his daily regimen and keeping him back on 3 or 4 breathing treatments a day. We also went for a couple of X-Rays... chest and sinus. The sinus xray was clear and the chest x-ray showed he has some kind of a virus going on which would explain why he's been coughing a lot today and rubbing his nose.

After the doctor appt. I took him to preschool. He walked in and proudly announced he was going to get an x-ray after school. Later at the imaging place, when the technician called us back, Sean was brave. He asked the tech if he could see the pictures when she was done. She told him they are on computer now. He paused a second... (I'm sure he was thinking, "so?") then asked her if he could see them on the computer. She started to explain to him that she has to protect others' privacy and then she said to herself "he's not going to understand that." and stopped talking. For the sinus x-ray, she put him with his face up against the screen or panel and had him balance with his hands. Then she told him to not move. While standing completely still, he asked her "What if I need to breathe?". She laughed and told him it was okay if he breathed.... she kept shaking her head and laughing as she went into the booth.

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