Friday, April 18, 2008

Good News and Bad News

This was an eventful day. It started at roughly 5:39 am with the house and the beds shaking most of us awake during the 5.2 earthquake we felt this morning. I remember the last time we had an earthquake... it was in 1987 and I missed it because I was in the car driving to or from class. The anchors on the news kept reminding us that it is normal for us to have earthquakes because we are close to the Madrid fault. Once in 21 years is a little less than what I would call normal. But that's just me.

Sean and Jeff went on a field trip with preschool to a wildlife refuge. They hiked and had a great time looking at nature through the binoculars.

Immediately following the field trip, I took Sean to the allergy/asthma specialist for his first appointment. He did pretty well with it all except for the skin test but the nurse was wonderful and was quick with it so it was over in a couple of minutes. Except for the itching. I wanted to scratch his back for him, poor little guy.

The good news was that Shadow and Sam can stay in the family. Sean is not allergic to cats or dogs, or at least not yet.

The bad news is that what he is allergic to isn't as easy to get rid of. Trees, grass and most of all - DUST MITES! "Even the cleanest homes have dust mites." said the nurse. Oh well, so then a not-the-cleanest home (such as ours) could have a few armies of them, perhaps? So I'm thinking. Well, after some hot water wash cycles and the new mattress vacuuming tool, we should have at least a few less dust mites to contend with. But, I'm not sure just how quickly they reproduce. More cleaning to resume tomorrow. Time to fling the stuffed animals.

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