Thursday, April 03, 2008

Color Wonder by Crayola

If you have not seen the Crayola Color Wonder products, here is a description from the Crayola website:

Explore the wonder of color using Crayola® Color Wonder™. Color Wonder is a unique ink, developed by Crayola scientists, that appears only on special paper. The ink is clear on most surfaces, but each marker "magically" shows up a different color on Color Wonder paper.

We have a few of the Color Wonder coloring books with the markers. These markers and books have been one of the best things for keeping the kids happy at times when they have to sit and wait. However, I am beginning to think that maybe these wonder markers are not so great.

Sierra has been coloring with real markers this week. Evidently, it's been a while since she used the real markers because she seems to be fascinated with them. Yesterday, she colored half a beard on her face. Real attractive. She also colored yellow marker on bed sheets. Today, she gave her belly button a pink tattoo... inside and out.

At dinner this evening, I discovered a large spot on the wall that was colored with orange crayon. I immediately accused Sierra, but quickly realized that the marks were a bit tall for Sierra. Sean tried to help me rationalize that Sierra could reach up that high. I wasn't falling for that, since he had also colored crosses all over our white vinyl tablecloth earlier this week. You know, for Easter.

I can blame the tablecloth incident on our doctor's office. They give him crayons so he can color on the paper that they use to cover the exam table. He thinks our tablecloth looks like that paper.

Well, about the wall, he finally confessed that "Sierra told me to do it." Needless to say, we had a chat about not doing what someone else tells you to do, especially if you know better.

The good news is that I did not panic. "Why is that?", you may ask. Because of this wonderful invention... It works great on walls. But it does tend to take some paint off as well, so it is only a good solution so many times. Eventually, you will need to repaint.

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