Friday, April 04, 2008

He Changed His Mind

Sean went back to the doctor this morning because he is still coughing. On the way there, he tells me that he doesn't want to be a firefighter anymore. This surprised me because it is the only career he has ever wanted to pursue. He used to worry about where he would get his firetruck or his helmet. I assured him more than once that those items would be provided at the fire station.
But I suppose it is okay for him to change his mind since he is only 5 years old.
So, I asked him why he didn't want to be a firefighter any more. He said, "Uh, Fires?!" (like Duh, Hello??) "Someone could get burned!"

Later, while waiting for the doctor in the exam room, I asked him what he thinks he wants to be when he grows up since it is not a firefighter. He didn't seem sure so I suggested he could become a doctor like cousin Chris or Dr. M. It doesn't hurt to plant a few seeds once in a while. He liked that idea so he proceeded to pretend to be both Dr. M and himself. He ran back and forth between the doctor's seat and the exam table. Our doctor carries a small laptop that he uses to view Sean's chart and input his results. From watching Sean pretend to use his own computer while "playing" doctor, I noticed that he thinks the doctor is searching the internet for how to treat his patients.

Trying not to laugh, I explained to Sean that Dr. M does not need to look on the internet for the answers, that he knows what to do. He just uses the computer to keep Sean's information.
I am thankful that Sean is so verbal. It has been a joy to learn how his young mind works.

About his cough, the doctor said Sean is drastically better than he was last week. (Last week we did not need a stethoscope to hear his wheezing). But, Dr. M still hears wheezing and tightness in his chest so we are stepping back to square one with breathing treatments and taking a slightly different path this time. Hopefully, we can get his asthma under control soon.

It has been a while since I have mentioned little Ethan Powell. While continuing to fight his leukemia, he has contracted some kind of a virus at a time when he has no immune system and is now in very critical condition on life support. It does not look good but God is powerful. Pray for healing and for peace for his parents. Click on the link to Ethan's website on the side of this page for regular updates.

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