Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wisdom Teeth Update

The surgery went well yesterday.  She came home very wired from sedation but did not sleep more than an hour the first six hours at home.  They told us she would sleep most of the day.  They do not know how adversely she is affected by chemicals. 

And eventually, her system must have become overwhelmed by the combination of sedation drugs, anesthetic, pain meds, lack of food, and who knows what else.  Long story short, she ended up taking an ambulance ride to the hospital for a couple of hours on IV fluids.  I think that’s what she needed to flush all those toxins out of her system.   I am thinking all surgery patients might need a good flushing out so they can recover easier. 

She has passed out before, but never to this extent and would always recover.  Yesterday, we could not get her to stay awake and bounce back and her color was ashen gray.  Not a good color to see in your child’s face. 

She has had some rest and has eaten some soft food today and has a lot of color… rosy pink chipmunk cheeks. 

This is how she likes to sleep.  No wonder she likes burrowing animals. 


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