Monday, April 30, 2012

Sean and Piano

Sean is just completing his second year of piano or his 4th semester.  He has learned a lot in a short time in the Musik Garten program.   

Last week was a 4H contest which was like a talent contest.  One category was musical – vocal or instrumental – so he signed up and went to play.  It said in the information the time limit was 3-5 minutes.  They wanted a minimum of 3 minutes.  The problem is most of his songs are more like 15 or 20 seconds.  So, he played a couple of songs twice to end up with about a minute.  Points are taken off for being under.    There were only seven acts total of all three categories and they can send six acts to the area contest.  He was selected to go to area.  They all were since one girl in the musical category also participated in a skit in another category. 

So, our dilemma is this.  How does he play for three minutes?   His piano teacher has offered to help him put together a medley of a handful of songs.   Thankfully.

The area contest is less than 2 weeks away so he has a lot of practicing to do and we do not have the medley ready yet.   I need to find him a pair of shoes since he outgrew his other ones.  We learned that “costumes” are also judged.  Here’s a picture from last year’s recital.  We missed the January recital due to a scouting event. 


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