Friday, April 27, 2012

New Neighbors, New Friends?

The house diagonal from ours has new occupants although they are not sleeping there yet.  The big trucks came yesterday and moved in their stuff.  The kids are very excited because they have kids.  We had heard three but it appears possibly four including a school-aged girl.   Sierra is beside herself.   There have been rare sightings of the older kids who were probably in school while the parents have been cleaning and whatever else you do before moving into a home, but the younger two are a newborn and a toddler.  We look forward to meeting all of them soon. 

I am easily entertained these days and spent the day wondering how the semi was going to get back off of our street.  I learned that they can sort of maneuver on a cul-de-sac but you better hope it is not muddy.  A lot of backing up and pulling forward until they got past our mailboxes.  Here is how it ended up and they parked there until they were read to leave with the smaller truck.


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