Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sick Day

My husband has been working so much that the kids were excited to find him home yesterday morning.  He was sick so he called in. 

Last night at bed time, Sean told him that it was nice to spend time with him during the day and then he asked, “Can you call in sick tomorrow?” 

I thought how sweet that was but on the other hand, it’s pretty pathetic that you have to be sick to see your kids.  Turns out, he feels worse today than he expected and has called in again.   Normally, he will tough it out at work if he’s sick but I’m sure it’s hard to go in to work sick knowing you are looking at probably at least a 12 hour day. 

The kids are not awake yet so they don’t know.  It reminds me to look for good even in the bad and to give thanks in all things. 

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