Thursday, March 05, 2009

That Guy We Know


Last night, Sean was telling Daddy about our day.  Then he came downstairs to get clarification from me on something. 

"Whose birthday is it tomorrow?"  Yikes, did I forget to get a gift for someone?  What is tomorrow.... think think think.... March 5?  I don't recognize that date. 

Sean went on to say, "You know, that guy that we know.... the one that writes books." 

More thinking... what did we do today?  What is he talking about? 

Me:  "Do you mean Dr. Seuss?"  "Yeah!" 

We had went to the library earlier yesterday and had signed a pledge to "Pull the Plug" today in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday.  (I don't think his birthday is actually today.) We had agreed to give up t.v. and look at books instead.  I didn't know we knew the man personally.  I'm sure glad he won't notice when I don't send him a card. 



The pledge came with an opportunity to win a prize in a drawing.  While I was filling it out, Sean was trying to decide if this was something we should do.  "What are the prizes?"  I told him.  He said, "I want the gift card."  He thought that sounded better than books and the other items.  I told him we do not get to choose what we win IF we win. 

Sean also wanted to make sure that if we "pulled the plug" on the television, we wouldn't have to go buy a new one and replace it.  He probably gets the idea that the world will stop turning if we have no t.v. from his father.   He's not home from work yet and I'm sure he has forgotten what Sean told him about that guy we know and his birthday.  He'll be expecting to turn on the t.v. when he gets home. 

Of course, today Sean has bargained and begged for us to forget the whole thing.  After all, "We don't HAVE to do it!"  I told him that we are leaving the t.v. off.  Period.  

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