Sunday, March 08, 2009

Short Post

I did not want to miss posting this weekend, but I will make it short.  We had a very nice weekend.  I have pictures to share later - hopefully enough to make several posts.   Today I have spent hours and hours uploading photos to Walgreens so I can print them for 10 cents each.  I haven't uploaded, edited, or printed any in 3 months so it takes forever to catch up.  It's not that I'm printing that many, but I have to select them, upload them, fix them (if needed) and zoom and crop them, and then trim down my order to the very favorites.

One quick story. 

On Saturday, I asked Sean to throw the old spinach leaves out in the garden spot. 

Later I went out to toss a banana peel and found this. 



2009 189


I guess I should have been more specific.  

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