Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Back to Preschool

Sierra was excited to get back to school but a little apprehensive about the lights.  I gave her some ibuprofen and we found a hat for her to wear to block the light from above. 

Mrs. R was her teacher today because Mrs. J was sick.  Mrs. R sent a note home with her that said Sierra did fine today.  It also said, "I love the way she is unaffected by what others are doing."  I think I know what she means by this but am a little curious too. 

Here are some pics (without flash again). 

2009 069        2009 072

 2009 073

2009 074 Sierra said I could take Sean's picture with flash.

2009 075

Sean has been working on his Lego creations.  He says this is a lifeboat.   

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