Friday, September 21, 2007

The kids wanted to watch a Care Bears video tonight which I thought at first was a great idea - keep 'em busy while I clean up in the kitchen. After a while, Sean appears in the kitchen requesting a "Banana Milkshake". Then I realized that the video I had agreed to let them watch is called "Rainy Day Activities" and is just full of wonderful craft and cooking ideas for kids! Oh brother. Every time Sean watches this video he comes to me with a memorized list of materials he needs to make something he saw on the video. We've made "flutes" which didn't work very well, kazoos that worked a little better, but I always refuse to punch the hole in the two metal cans and tie a string between them to make a phone. Tonight, it was Banana Milkshakes. Thanks, Care Bears!

At first I told him that our bananas weren't ripe enough yet but then he found the one on the counter that was so ripe it was almost sliding out of the skin. I then told him we don't have any ice cream and he informed me we don't need ice cream, we just need bananas and yogurt. He described the process for making them which sounded kind of complicated so I got out our little food processor and began cutting up the banana. He told me they will just drink them from a jar (like the Care Bears, I suppose). I told him he would need a spoon for these because they were kind of thick with bananas. So, he told me I must not have done it like they said. Well, I wasn't the one watching the video, but the kids ate them anyway. Callie wasn't too fond of them. Sierra dropped hers and it went all over the wall in the dining room. Sean thought it was delicious and the greatest idea, especially since he thought of it. Ha.
Below is Callie teaching Sean and Sierra how to play Candy Land.

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