Monday, September 17, 2007

At Sean's preschool today, it was his turn for "Me" day. So they sang his favorite song "Little Rabbit Foo Foo", read his favorite story "Jonah and the Whale" and had his favorite snack of carrots and celery. His teacher said he was surprised that everyone did not like celery as much as he does. (Anticipating that, I did send Ritz crackers for those kids). I'm not sure how we managed that, but Sean and Sierra both love celery, carrots and even lettuce (esp. shredded lettuce). Callie will eat carrots, green beans and broccoli but isn't big on anything else that is green.
On the way home, Sean asked, "Mommy, is Jonah and the whale a true story or was God just joking?" Of course, I explained to him that everything in the Bible is God's true word.

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