Saturday, September 15, 2007

Brrrr! It's a bit chilly here. We had 40s last night and supposed to again tonight. I cleaned some windows and screens today and thought I was going to freeze. The wind was so cold. I had to dig out winter jammies for the kids for tonight and scrounged around for some sweats for myself. Sierra thought her sleeper was really funny. I guess she doesn't remember wearing sleepers. It's actually Sean's sleeper from last year. Thankfully, she doesn't care if she wears jammies with dinosaurs, cars or sports balls on them. At least not yet anyway. I have learned that if Sierra is toasty warm, she will sleep longer in the morning. It's always good to make those kind of observations. :) The only way Sean will sleep longer in the morning is if he winds up in our bed sometime during the night.

Earlier today I overheard this conversation: Sean: "I want to be King." Sierra: "No, I want to be King". This went on a couple of minutes, then Sean said, "We can both be King." Then Sierra said, "No, I want to be King!" (I think Callie must have claimed the Queen position).

Jeff went back to work last night at 8pm and got home about 4:30 this afternoon. He was walking pretty slow. Well, time to put everyone to bed. I'm in the middle of cleaning out a junk room so I am hoping for a couple more hours of awake time.

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