Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Other Car

Praise God!  The police report listed the other driver as being  responsible for the accident because her headlights were not on.  She was unaware of this when the officer pointed it out to her.  Jeff had zero blame.  So we are anxiously waiting to see what our insurance company will do for us, such as… rental car…  total our car…   etc.   She has the same insurance company as we do. 

The sad thing is we have much more in our car than what book value probably will show because we put some hefty repairs and maintenance into it about a year ago and four new tires a couple or three months ago. 

The other car hit one guardrail then spun around and hit the other guardrail twice.  This is according to marks on the road and damage to her vehicle.  When the officer asked her if she hit the guardrail, she replied that she did not know.  Seriously?  I suppose she was in shock and couldn’t see out the windows past the side airbags (both sides) that deployed. 

Notice the damage to both sides of her vehicle.  (She had temporary plates also, showing that she’d only had this vehicle about 12 days).   You can notice the red paint from our car on the driver’s side. 

I don’t know much about accidents but I am thinking she might have been driving a little too fast. 








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