Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quick Trip

Sometimes we have opportunities where God reveals himself to us  to let us know that in the midst of adversity, He has got our back. 

The guys had a camping trip for scouts that has been planned for months.  They needed our van for all the gear.  The girls and I would have been home with the car not doing much running around but able to make it to church.  The car is old, does not have working a/c and would not be comfortable for a very long trip although it is sound mechanically. 

It turned out, that because we had a reliable and comfortable rental, the girls and I were able to make a short overnight trip to KY for a funeral.  While we were already there, we were also able to attend a family reunion.  We left early to get Sierra back for a friend’s birthday sleepover but had great weather for the trip. 

Had the car not been disabled in the accident, we would not have been able to go to the funeral and reunion.   God works things out. 

Now that we are back home and both girls are at a friend’s house, I am feeling the tiredness of the drive.  It is a good tiredness.  One that you can feel good about. 

Our truck should be ready for us to pickup although Jeff did not receive the confirmation text he was expecting.  Hopefully we will get it tomorrow and return the rental. 

There is a possibility our car can be repaired but we are not sure what that would involve or if it’s even feasible.  We continue to pray that the insurance company will make the decision we feel is fair and just so that we will at least be compensated some value for our car.  If they rule that Jeff was somehow partly responsible for the accident, we feel it is because they are biased.  They would save money by making that ruling but it will cost them more to determine Jeff did not contribute to the accident just as the police determined. 

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