Monday, May 24, 2010

More D.C.

Yesterday when we went to Mt. Vernon, we saw an orientation video that showed us what a great military leader Washington was.  It did a nice portrayal of George Washington and included a battle scene with some Indians.  After we were done, I asked Sean what he learned from the video.  He said, “I learned that Indians are a lot scarier than I thought!”  The battle was a bit graphic but it did show how brave Washington was and how smart he was as a leader. 

Today, we walked our feet off in D.C.  I’m pretty sure I left my feet somewhere near Smithsonian although the pain in my ankles would indicate they are still attached. 

We did have great weather today.  The sun did pop out in the afternoon, there was a nice breeze and it was not humid. 

Here are some pictures I took with our new video camera that also takes pictures.  I found this camera on Amazon and it does a pretty good job of picture taking.  It is not as handy for framing photos and viewing them afterward as my SLR but given that it fits in the palm of my hand, it works great for a trip like this. 

2010 Vacation - Wash DC 035 From the WW II Memorial looking across to the Lincoln Memorial.

2010 Vacation - Wash DC 055 A squirrel some boys scared up into a tree near the Lincoln Memorial.

2010 Vacation - Wash DC 071 2010 Vacation - Wash DC 070

It was neat to see how the sun changes the way the Washington Monument looks. 

2010 Vacation - Wash DC 058 2010 Vacation - Wash DC 065

As Sean says, the Lincoln Memorial is “HUGE!”.  Lincoln’s statue is 19 ft. tall.  We also visited a museum that had an exhibit just for Lincoln and it included his top hat and pocket watch and clothes and items related to his assassination. 

2010 Vacation - Wash DC 068 The Korean War Memorial.

2010 Vacation - Wash DC 051 The Vietnam War Memorial.

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