Saturday, May 29, 2010

Beach experiences

One of my favorite pictures.

2010 Vacation 006

Sean found a $5.00 that washed up on shore at the beach.  He spent it last night at the souvenir shop on a gun set.  Best find on the beach.  It surprises me how many wads of chewing gum I have seen.  Note to self:  Don’t chew gum if going in the ocean. 

Now, for the educational portion of this post.  Now we know how they do it.   Imagine our surprise when this front-end loader came from somewhere and dropped some sand and smoothed it out and then drove away… we didn’t see it again.  Too funny.   It was not near our hotel… we had taken a walk toward the pier (seen in the background). 

At night, gremlins come and rake the beach smooth to get rid of all the foot prints so it starts with a smooth slate. 

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