Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Where else do the children get to have recess out in the sleet and snow?  Homeschool! 

And while the public school children have to make up a snow day in the spring when the weather is good, we can take a snow day!

I measured 5 inches but we had a little bit on the ground yesterday morning.  I'd say we got 4 to 4 1/2 inches.  It's the fine powder snow so no good for snowballs or snowmen.  Now we're getting sleet which is supposed to turn to snow.  They say it is moving north so I am not sure what that means for us.  Will we get more or less?  

Sierra finally got to make the snow angels she's been longing for.  2009098 2009099

Rollover and do it again... and again and again....2009100

Callie needs some snow gear.  She didn't last long in her first set of layers. 

2009119 Of course, eating snow didn't help much. 

2009108 2009114

It was sleeting which you can't see except maybe in these distant pictures which do not look clear because of the sleet.  I was shooting from the deck so as to not get my camera wet.

I found a pair of snow bibs in the laundry room for Sierra to wear.  Sean's snowsuit just barely fits.  I guess she will get it next year. 




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