Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's That Season

Looks like I got Sierra to the doctor just in time.  Yesterday she coughed non-stop.  She was up very early so she was extremely grumpy.  She missed gymnastics and I made her take a nap which didn't help much with the grumpiness but gave us a break from it. 

The doctor told us to try a teaspoon of honey.  We tried it but you would have thought I had given her liver juice or something.  I thought she was going to spit it out.  She probably would have if it weren't so sticky.  Now, anytime I try to give her any medicine, she asks me first if it is honey. 

She doesn't cough while she's sleeping or at least I don't hear her if I'm still awake.  She woke up around 3:30am.  I heard her coughing and went to check on her in time to find her coming out of her room.  She said she had a bad dream and walked right past me to our bed.  She didn't seem upset by the dream but she knows that is the one reason we will let her get in bed with us.  Hmm.  Maybe she is pulling one over on us?  I gave her some Mucinex Cough and a drink and she rested for a bit in between us.  We should have gotten a king size bed.  After a while, I put her back in bed.  She only got up about three more times - to use the bathroom, get a drink, etc.  She always waits just long enough for me to get back to sleep and then I feel that gentle tap that tells me she is there again. 

Her cough sounds more loose today so hopefully the antibiotic is starting to work.  We've been working on crafts.  I found a couple of neat kits on clearance.  I'll try to post on that later. 

Here are some pics of Sierra I took recently.  Her hair is really long.  I've had better braids but these are the only pictures I've taken.

2009001 2009002

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