Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm not complaining

This morning I looked out and saw the bright orange plastic bag that keeps the newspaper dry lying near our neighbor's driveway.  I wasn't sure if they get the paper so didn't know if it was theirs or ours. 


Later, a snow plow came through and buried the orange bag.  I took Sierra to the doctor this morning.  She has not recovered from her cold so he put her on antibiotics for the congestion and cough.  When we got home, I could tell that we had been plowed again.  The snow plow had uncovered the buried newspaper. 

Still not sure if it was ours, I called the circulation dept. to see if our neighbor gets a paper.  When I learned that they do not, I explained that ours looked like this.


They gave us credit for two papers since this should have contained yesterday's paper also.  It did not.  We also have a paper box but it was kind of out of reach this morning.  I was able to read most of the one that was in here but there was a big hole in the middle of every page. 

But, I am not complaining.  We are very glad to have our street plowed very well.  Things in town are slick.  There's only so many places to put that much snow. 

We did find a good use for it here at home though.  Insulation.  It should help keep the family room warmer. 


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