Friday, January 25, 2013

Post Op

Déjà vu.  It seems like only a couple months ago that I was talking about my post-op stuff. 

Mine was way easier than my husband’s.   He even gets the really good narcotic pain meds.  Fortunately, his pain has not been as bad this time as it was last time in 2007 (on the other shoulder).  The doctor was able to do all of it through the scope this time.  With the last one, he had to make a mini-open incision.   He started physical therapy yesterday.  His surgery was the day before that.  They repaired a 3 cm. tear in the rotator cuff and also removed some extra bone he had floating around and a piece of bone that was part of a genetic abnormality (in the meso-acronium). 

This is close to what he is wearing now, except on the opposite arm. 


In addition, he has something similar to this that goes over the shoulder and hooks to three tubes that hook to a machine that looks like a short computer tower.  



Water goes through two of the tubes and air goes through the other one.  It keeps the temperature at a constant 45 degrees. 

He is on restrictions for 12 weeks. He cannot use his shoulder muscles at all for the first 4 weeks.

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