Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Busy Busy

This month finds me very busy.  So busy that I started this blog post three days ago and keep having to update it because it becomes out-of-date.   I have been doing a lot of reading and researching in order to make some changes to our schooling.  So far what I am doing different is having the desired result but it may be too early to know if it will last.   I am turning up the speed and not relying as much on our curriculum because it just moves too slow in some cases especially in math and English. 

For the second time in less than six years, my husband will be undergoing rotator cuff repair on his shoulder.  This time it is the other shoulder.  I feel the need to say the surgery is on his shoulder because I am weak in anatomy so am not willing to just say rotator cuff repair in case there might happen to be a rotator cuff somewhere else in the human body that I have not heard about.   I am pretty sure there is not but I have been wrong before so I will play it safe. 

We spent part of the weekend rearranging our bedroom so that we can switch sides of the bed and so that the bedroom can look more like a bedroom since we put in a new floor and finally painted.  It’s been a work in progress (or should I say work in waiting) for some time.  We are not very good at finishing projects.   It is amazing how moving a few things around can make a room look bigger. 

Well, we have a sick child at the moment so the doctor’s office was our trip for the day.  Strep was negative and she does not have enough flu symptoms to even test for that so it’s just a yucky virus.  Now I’m beginning to think the headache and stuffy nose I’ve had off and on the past couple of days might be more than sinuses.   I’m hoping no one else gets it, especially the daddy.  The nurse said Sierra looks just like her daddy.  She grew up with him.  She then talked about how sweet his mother was.    Sierra was not paying attention but when I told her later, she was not impressed (about looking just like her daddy, that is). 

Here is the paint color we chose.  Do you see a problem with the tv?  This was my view using the zoom on the camera from my new spot on the bed.  Obviously a problem.  Last night, the tv was moved to the other wall and now I have holes to cover up but that’s ok.  I am behind on picture taking for the blog or I would show the new view.



Last week the kids went ice skating with about a hundred other homeschooled kids.   When it was almost over, the youngest stumbled and fell on her knee and elbow.  She did not mention the elbow until on the way home because her knee hurt so much.  By the time we got home, she was in tears about the elbow.  I think we can see why from the picture below which was taken several days later.   Ice hurts. 


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