Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Did you Say Chicken?

Sierra is excited about a tentative hatching of chicks at preschool.  "Five more days until the chicks hatch," she told Sean yesterday.  He explained to her that last year, their chicks did not hatch.  He was disappointed but got over it. 

They went on to discuss it some more.  I heard Sean say, "If you cook them, be sure to call me because I like chicken."  She replied in disgust, "I don't even know your phone number!"  So, he quickly got some paper, wrote it down for her, cut it out (don't ask me why he does this) and put it in her tote bag so she'll have it at school. 

I guess he's expecting them to have either scrambled eggs or chicken nuggets sometime soon. 

I have insider news that ten of the eggs are believed to be viable so very soon they should have baby chicks.  And I have permission for us to visit them (field trip!) so we can all see them. 

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Amy said...

Wow, if they haven't hatched yet I would like to go to preschool with you & bring the girls. They would love to see the baby chickens.