Tuesday, November 04, 2008



I came home from voting today (which meant an hour of standing in line, by the way, but hey, it's for my country!) and was surprised by the neatly picked up entry and kitchen and stairs.  I looked at my oldest and asked, in a shocked voice, "You cleaned?"  She shook her head and told me her brother did.  That would be my 6 year old with a sore throat virus.  "What kind of virus does he have?", I wondered.   I then noticed how uncluttered the stove and counter were.  Wow, how cool....oops.  That was when I saw that every dirty dish, glass, pan, etc. was now piled high in the sink filling both sides.  It wasn't even possible to turn on the water, the dishes were so high. 

Not wanting to dampen his spirit, I told him what an awesome job he did picking up.  Then I pointed at the sink and gently said, "Never do this again." 

Now I'm waiting to see if I catch this virus that puts people in a cleaning mood.  I could use a mood enhancer like that.  :)  

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Stacy said...

Let me know if find this enhancer I need one too.