Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Little Rabbit Foo Foo


On the way home from preschool today, we were discussing things.   Today was Sierra's "me" day so they talked about Sierra's favorite things and she got to be line leader and take the snack.  Her favorite song at the moment is "Down By The Bay".   Sean added, "Little Rabbit Foo Foo was my favorite until I didn't like it anymore." 

A few minutes later, as I noticed dark clouds in the sky, I told Sean I wanted him to pick up toys in the yard when we got home before it rained.  He thought for a second and asked "Why do you think toys are more important than our lives?  We could drown out there in the rain!"   I replied that it wasn't raining yet and I wasn't sending him outside in a flash flood.  Talk about drama king! 

Sean had a little accident today with a stick.  Somehow, he managed to hit himself in the eye.  He has a sort-of black eye.  He must have whacked the bone underneath.  It looks nice.  Not.  

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