Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bicycles and Scooters and Running

Fun summertime stuff. 

2008 August  317 2008 August  404

Sierra has learned how to keep the pedals moving in the right direction and how the handlebars work.  She wants to ride all the time now. 

2008 August  448 2008 August  321

Sean loves his scooter as much as his bike.  Here he thought he was really beating Braden in a race.  Braden was being very nice. 

2008 August  342 2008 August  349

Every once in a while, we see this one running barefoot in the neighborhood. 

2008 August  474

On Saturday, Sean was Daddy's big helper all day.  They disassembled an old doghouse, moved a bunch of bricks, nailed down nails on the deck, etc.  It was a big day. 

2008 August  485 2008 August  484

Craft time.  If Sean had his way, we would do crafts and science experiments all day every day.  Sierra is wearing a patch on one eye to help the trying-to-be-lazy eye work harder so the brain will not stop sending signals to it.  She's been doing well with it.  The hardest part is when she gets sweaty from playing outside and the salty sweat stings her eye.  I think the adhesive is starting to irritate her skin so we will be looking into alternatives for that also. 

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