Saturday, August 09, 2008

2008 Olympics - My Observations

We are enjoying the Olympics on NBC. First, we were awed and amazed by the Opening Ceremonies. The thought that comes to my mind is that I would not want to be the country that gets to host the 2012 Olympics. They have a tough act to follow.

Today and this evening we watched some men's gymnastics, women's beach volleyball and swimming. It was fun watching Sean and Sierra really getting into the events. Sean is all about voting for Team USA. Sierra loves the gymnastics.... says she loves all those guys. :)

Michael Phelps rocks. We hope to see him win a few more gold medals.

I find beach volleyball interesting. I don't understand why all that sand does not bother the players. I cannot stand to have sand on me like that. It also interests me how their uniforms cover less of the body than the men's swimsuits. Men's swimsuits have definitely evolved. Some wear long swim pants. Some wear something like a jumper. Definitely suits that cover more body than the vintage Speedo-ish bikinis. Is this so they do not have to shave their body to acquire more speed?

Well, this is your unofficial Olympic commentator signing off. Good night and God bless.

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