Friday, November 02, 2007

We went to the doctor yesterday. Three weeks ago we all had a nasty cold virus but everyone had gotten over it except Callie so off to the doctor we went. She has a sinus infection and is now taking antibiotics. While we were there, I decided to go ahead and do flu shots for Sean and Sierra as well as Sean's 5-year shots. While discussing with the nurse and the doctor, we were very careful not to say "shot". Instead, we used the words "vaccine" and "immunization".
Once the doctor was done with Callie and discussing the "vaccines" with me, he said he was going to run and out he went. Finally, the nurse comes in and Sean sees the syringes on her tray and he starts to get tears in his eyes and says "Poor Callie". Little did he know. Sierra got hers first since she was just getting one. She didn't do too bad. I didn't realize just how strong Sean was until I had to wrestle him on to the table. The good news was that they had the combo shot for two of the vaccines so he only got 4 shots instead of 5. He got 2 in each leg. He thought he had only gotten one shot in each leg. I guess he didn't notice the second ones in the legs because he was screaming so loud. He walked like a penguin out to the van, still crying. He cries more afterward from thinking about it than from the actual shots.