Saturday, November 10, 2007

I went to Wal-mart (or Always as Callie used call it) while Callie ice skated last night. I grabbed a cart in the parking lot as I usually do. This gives me a chance to test drive it on the way in the store so I can decide if it is a good one or if I need to trade it in when I get inside. This one had a major alignment problem and was pulling to the left so I dropped it off and picked up another one. I later noticed that the new one was loud and made a KAHLUNK KAHLUNK noise as I drove. What is it that people do to these carts to make them so messed up?

I like the carts at Aldi. They are newer. You pay a quarter to unlock it and use it and then when you are done, you put it back and get your quarter back. It seems to keep the carts in better condition since they aren't getting run over in the parking lot.

I was searching for a replacement lead-free Curious George for Sean. 5-year olds do not understand "refunds" when their toys are recalled. He was more upset about losing Curious George than he was about the Aqua Dots. I got lucky and there was one Curious George that was plush and did not have any paintable surfaces. His head weighs about 5 lbs. it seems because he is a Tumbling Curious George. Sean loves him.

I also had to pick up some guinea pig supplies for Callie. Here are Kinjie and Binkie thanking me for their fresh bedding and Timothy Hay. Does anyone know why they call it Timothy Hay? Who's Timothy?