Friday, January 13, 2006

Hello everyone. We are doing well at the moment. Callie was sick earlier this week but has rebounded quickly.

Jeff has been working long days. So much for thinking he'd get home earlier with his new job. :)The only difference is that he goes in much earlier. I've been working around the house, so nothing too exciting to report. Sean and I started back to Bible Study Fellowship this week. We go on Wednesdays. Next year, Sierra will also be able to go with us when it starts in September.

Callie had a very good report card for the last nine weeks. We are very proud of that. This week she's been studying hard to learn all 50 states and their capitals and I think she has mastered them. The test was today and she said it was easy!

Sean has been enjoying watching Polar Express. A lot of his pretend play now involves the train. We were at the grocery store the other day and he shouts "Get us the blazes out of here!!" - a familiar quote from the movie.

Sierra is talking more and more all the time. She has quite the sense of humor also. The only thing is that she is so shy, very few people get to see this side of her. Here are some recent pictures of her.

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