Thursday, January 19, 2006

Callie is a good big sister (most of the time). She and Sean do fight a lot but I think it's partly because they both have strong-willed personalities. Here's a pic of the two of them snuggling on the couch watching tv. Callie got 3 shots yesterday in the arm. She was not a happy camper. She had agreed to take the flu shot but when we arrived at the health dept. (kids vaccines are free there) they said she was due for tetanus (ouch) and they also recommended the meningitis vaccine at her age. She was a real trooper but her arms are very sore today.

Sean is sporting his new outfit here with his bad hair day (hadn't combed it yet). Maw got him this outfit for Christmas. He was proud of the suspenders.

For those that might have wondered.. yes, we were saddened and disappointed by the premature ending of the Colt's super season. It just wasn't meant to be. Maybe next year!

And for those of our family and friends who live away from us, here's a new tidbit that might interest you. For the first time ever, we will begin observing daylight savings time in April. Yes, we will be joining almost the rest of the nation that move their clocks around twice a year. It was finally decided this week that we will observe Eastern Time (the same as New York). This will be a major adjustment for us come April so keep us in your prayers! I can't say we are either happy or unhappy about it. I think it might be challenging to get the kids to think about bedtime in the summer when the sun is still up until almost 9:00pm. Time will tell. Overall, I think we'll like having later daylight in the summer. I guess it's just a good thing we don't play golf or do exercise in the mornings.

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