Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My 8 X 10 of the rainbow I took last week showed up today.  

In spite of the fact that we have an oversize mailbox and the photo was in a cardboard photo mailer with “This package contains photographs.  Please do not bend.”, it was bent in half around our regular size mail and put in our oversize mailbox the wrong way.  He did this just before he delivered a box to our front step since it was too big for the mailbox.   I’m surprised he didn’t try to squish the box in there too.   Of all days for us to have a substitute carrier. 

I do not order prints in the mail often but I had a free credit for the 8 X 10 and I like to use coupons to enlarge prints I might like to enter in our local fair.  I filed a complaint with the USPS via email about the damaged photo.  It’s not so much about the money (about four bucks) but the just the idea of “How in the world did this happen and why?”.  I mean, it didn’t occur to him why it was in a cardboard envelope?  Or that our mailbox is oversize and the envelope would have fit just fine if he’d turned it horizontal.   And, can’t he read?  




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