Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Summer Fun

We love our state fair more and more each year.  So much that we are going to have to start going a couple of days to see all we want to see and do what we enjoy.  We do not go to the Midway and we take our own food and eat in the van.  We choose $2 day so we all get in for $10.  I didn’t take my best camera and photo opportunities were not always available but here are a few. 

State Fair 2011 001State Fair 2011 002

State Fair 2011 003State Fair 2011 004

Feeding goats is fun. 

State Fair 2011 008State Fair 2011 009State Fair 2011 011

We always enjoy the DNR building. 


State Fair 2011 014

Visiting Sankt Nikolaus at the Wilkommen to Germany exhibit.  Considering the kids are 4th generation Americans, this was kind of cool. 

Not only is our last name German, but all of my husband’s great grandparents except one migrated from Germany.  The other one was a 1st generation American to German parents.  So German runs strong here. 

State Fair 2011 018These piglets were out of a litter of 14.  No wonder their mommy looked tired. 

State Fair 2011 0199 piglets only 9 days old.  Sweet. 

State Fair 2011 025After a brief storm, we saw a cool rainbow that later turned into a double rainbow. 

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