Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Putting Up the For Sale Sign

I wonder if sticking a for sale sign in the yard down the street would subliminally result in the family wanting to move.   It probably would be a bit too obvious.  


The father who lives there got upset with me because my child told him that I didn’t want their son playing with them.  This is true but I didn’t expect the boy to show up in our backyard, uninvited, refusing to leave.  He wouldn’t leave when asked by my kids and before I could go outside to supervise their play, my child had already solicited the help of the father who was less than happy about the whole situation.  He felt very angry that we were excluding his son.  My children are almost 9 and 7 and two of the other kids playing are almost 9.  His son is four and acts like he’s two. 

He smarts off to adults, throws tantrums to get his way and cusses regularly.  He tries coming in the house, drives his power wheel in everyone’s yard between here and their house over half a block away, tried to run over my kids in our driveway and ran his power wheel into our gate repeatedly the other day.   I explained to the dad that we have a problem with his language and how he smarts off to us if we ask him to stop doing something.  His best comeback was to ask if I thought my kids behaved at his house.  They have played in their driveway a few times with other kids.  My first thought was yes, I think they behave, but instead, I told him if they did not, to please send them home and let me know.  He didn’t have a response to that.  I hope he thinks about what I said and tries to deal with it.  I have a feeling the boy will be back down here again soon and we won’t be over this situation.  I have no problem laying down some ground rules for him to play here, but I do not expect it to work since he smarts off to us when he hears us talking to our own kids about something, as if he thinks we are talking to him. 

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