Friday, February 04, 2011

Winter still?

Where is spring?  Even my child who loves winter said she is ready for spring.  We had a couple of ice storms back to back this week.  We were blessed to not lose our power or have any major problems like others in our area. 

These pictures are from round one.   I thawed the van’s windows in between and the next day it looked the same.

004 005 021


The trees in our backyard do not like ice.  The worst for ours was the pine trees.  We saw much larger limbs down in the neighborhood and some trees that broke in half.  I am glad the utility company trimmed trees near power lines last fall.   I think that might have been what saved us from losing power. 


I think the limbs above will survive once the ice melts.. they are just hanging low from all the weight.

007 Some limbs are not so lucky.

010 001

 012 011


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