Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Jeff has worked two days straight replacing the carpet in Callie’s room with laminate wood.  I’ll try to post pictures in the future.   It is all done and looks great.  Today I cleaned Sierra’s room and shampooed the dining room carpet and part of the living room.  I hate having carpet in the dining room.   We are pretty tired and it’s only Tuesday.  Jeff is probably glad he has to work tomorrow for one day to get a break from here.  I still need to sort and organize Sierra’s room.  After not agreeing to donate anything, I finally talked her into letting me bag up some dolls and stuffed animals for the attic.   That’s the only way to be able to organize her room.  She has too many dolls and stuffed animals.  Her closet is overflowing with clothes because she is just at that in-between sizes stage but I need to start sorting out the almost too small clothes to make room for everything. 


I am looking at making some changes for school.  I am thinking about doing school in the dining room.  That might help us keep our family room neater. 


I cannot remember if I posted this picture before, but I don’t want to have a post without a picture so since I mentioned school, here is a school picture.  Can you guess what we were studying?   

2010-11 Homeschool 004

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