Sunday, August 09, 2009

What Are Those?!!!

I made my first attempt at canning recently after someone offered me some beets.  It was a good experience.  I got four quart jars. 

I had never cooked them before or had any around that weren't in a can so when Callie saw them cooking on the stove, she nearly had a panic attack when she thought she recognized them. 

"What ARE those???" she nearly screamed as she backed away from the stove.  "LOBSTERS??!!!!"  

2009 846

Of course, she would have been mortified if she'd have learned that I had killed poor innocent lobster right in our own home.  I told her not to fear, I am not fond enough of the taste to cook them even if we could afford them. 

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Jan said...

Oh, I remember emptying the water after my mom had canned beets. There isn't much that smells worse in the whole wide world!!!